November 29, 2021
The Higher School of Commerce of Isfahan was established in 1976. Its library started its activities with as many as 1000 books in the same year. When the faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics was established in the University of Isfahan, this school was moved to the faculty and its library was first moved to the old building of the Central Library in 1980. It was later moved to the University’s former Secretariat building in 1981. In 1983 the library was moved to the current building of the faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics. Following the disastrous fire in the library of the Faculty of Literature, measures were taken to immunize other libraries of the university. Moreover the library didn’t have enough space for its resources. Therefore a new building was made for the library. The construction of the new library was completed in 1991. It was named Azadegan because its opening coincided with the release and return of the first group of Iranian prisoners imprisoned during the Imposed War.


Library Environment
The new library building is over 4000 square meters in surface. It is a two-story building and a combination of modern and classical architecture is used in its design. This architecture style with its uneven high ceilings provides a particular view and an ideal atmosphere. Currently the central part of the building is devoted to the library. Library depository is on the first floor and the study halls are located on the second one. Others spaces of the library are used as educational environments, computer centers, council room, etc.
Classification and organization of the resources
The books available in the depository are categorized according to their subject matters using Dewey System. They are arranged according their language and their being a reference or non-reference book. The resources can be retrieved using the Library Software under different indexes such as title, author, subject matter, etc.
Magazines and journals are categorized and archived alphabetically and divided into Persian and English sections. Single-issue magazines are kept inside shelves with doors and periodicals are kept in open shelves.
Theses and research projects are numbered based on the departments submitting them and according to their submission date. Their titles may be searched using respective lists.
Library Resources
In the library there are more than 47000 books in Persian and English on the disciplines running in the faculty. They have been purchased or donated to the library gradually. Some books have been transferred to this library when some programs were moved from other faculties to the faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics.
There are 233 Persian and 136 English magazines available in the library. Subscription to these magazines has been done by the Central Library of the University. Considering the allocated budget, magazines are purchased according to the needs and preferences of the faculty departments and are revised annually. In addition, every year a lot of magazines and reports are donated to the library by organizations, institutions, universities and other educational centers. Magazines may only be used inside the library and can only be borrowed temporarily for photocopying.
Magazines Archive
Magazines from past years are bound and kept in this section. Please note that other Persian and non-Persian magazines are available on databases to which the University is a subscriber through the Digital Library of the University at
These and research projects
Theses and dissertations written by BSc, MSc and PhD students are numbered based on the departments submitting them and according to their submission date. Research projects written by undergraduate students of the Management Department are also numbered and stored using the same method for theses. These and research projects can be searched using the library software, subject matter lists and direct reference to books shelves. They can only be used inside the library following the respective regulations.
Membership and regulations
All present and former faculty members and staff of the University of Isfahan and Isfahan University of Medical Sciences as well as all of the students of those universities can use Azadegan library by offering their personnel code or student numbers. They can also enter the library depository. Reference books, magazines, these and research projects cannot be borrowed. They can only be studied inside the library.
Students and teachers who are a member of the library can join integrated projects such as Amin, Qadir, and Inter-library Borrowing to enjoy the facilities and resources available in the libraries covered in each project. Users coming from outside the university can use this library under the conditions of the above projects. Since 2008 a list of the newly purchased books and other resources has been available on the webpage of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics.
Working hours
Saturday to Wednesday, 8 a.m. to 13:30 p.m.
Azadegan library, Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics, University of Isfahan.
Telephone: (031)37935244 , (031)37935260
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