November 28, 2021
Department of Accounting

   The first groups of accounting students were admitted to Advanced Diploma and B.A programs of the department when it was located in the former Kourosh College, which was founded by the permission of the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education in 1975. The faculty members of the department consisted of M.A graduates in Accounting who were working in governmental and private organizations and companies. Teachers from Tehran were also occasionally invited to teach at the faculty. Following the employment of full-time faculty members in 1976 and 1977 and the reformations in the managing system of the University of Isfahan, admitting new students to the college was stopped by the Ministry of Science. Following the establishment of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics in the University in 1976 and the foundation of the four departments of the Accounting, Administrative Management, Business Management and Economics, the students studying in Kourosh College were transferred to this faculty.
The first M.A program in Accounting was launched in 2005 and 7 students were admitted. A program in Financial Management was also launched in 2007 which started its activities by admitting 7 students. It is hoped that the department can develop its post-graduate programs in future. There are currently 8 full-time faculty members working in the department (six assistant professors and two instructors) who educating 201 students in unpaid programs and 196 students in paid programs.

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