November 28, 2021
Department of Economic
This department was established in 1977 and started its activities by admitting 60 students. Currently , with a total of 714 students in BA, MA and PhD programs( 518 BA students, 149 MA students and 47 PhD students) and 23 faculty members , the department is conducting its educational and research activities . With regard to the number of students succeeding in passing the MA University Entrance Exam, this department has managed to keep its rank among the top three Iranian universities in the past 10 years, which can be regarded as the result of the ceaseless endeavors of the hardworking teachers of the department.
Different sub-disciplines of Economics in different levels of BA, MA, MPhil and PhD are among the running programs of the department. BA students are admitted to the two sub-disciplines of Theoretical Economics and Business Economics while MA students are admitted to the two sub-disciplines of Economic Sciences and Economic Development and Planning. Students are admitted to 9 different sub-disciplines of Economics in the MPhil program. The Journal of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics was originally developed by this department and was later turned into the journal of the faculty.
This department has had outstanding collaborations with Mobarakeh Steel Company, Management and Planning Organization, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, etc. in conducting extra-curricular courses and doing research projects and is currently prepared to provide extensive services in such areas. Moreover, this department has had some international activities like holding a number of joint-conferences with the University of Damascus the most recent of which was the International APEF Conference.
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